DLSZ LRC and BINHI Reading Warriors joined forces in E-Kapihan: Storytelling 101

Nearly a hundred passionate participants joined the two-part storytelling workshop organized by De La Salle Zobel Learning Resource Center (DLSZ LRC) and Binhi English Literacy Foundation, Inc. (BINHI) on January 22 and January 25 making it a resounding success!

Day 1 (Jan 22): Traditional Storytelling Workshop with Ms. Zarah Gagatiga

Ms. Gagatiga immersed us in the rich tapestry of narrative craft. Her expertise unfolded through discussions on diverse storytelling types and approaches, including valuable tips and insight on how to become an effective storyteller even when resources are limited.

Day 2 (Jan 25): Digital Apps Storytelling Workshop with Mr. Richard Alphege Ravalo

Mr. Ravalo embarked on a digital adventure, delving into the art of storytelling through apps. This session unveiled a realm of possibilities, transforming the way we engage in storytelling online. From visual and audio tricks to AI-generated content, participants gained a comprehensive understanding of the diverse tools available in the digital storytelling landscape.

Couldn’t join the storytelling adventure? No worries!

The recordings is available on the DLSZ LRC YouTube channel: so you can relive the magic anytime! In the meantime, explore Ms. Gagatiga’s captivating world through her online bookshop: