“Informed teachers are our best insurance
against reading failure.” — Dr. Louisa C. Moats

As part of Binhi’s mission to promote effective education, a teacher training series has been implemented since 2021. This four-part series focuses on equipping teachers with foundational knowledge in the Science of Reading (SOR) and introducing them to SOR-aligned teaching strategies. The aim is to enhance their teaching methodologies and ensure the best possible learning outcomes for students.

Science of Reading

In continuous effort to bridge the learning gap in the Philippines, BINHI is working towards aligning the English Learning Kits to the Science of Reading (SOR) approach beginning School Year 2022-2023. The SOR research strongly supports the effectiveness of teaching phonics systematically, explicitly, and cumulatively. Early instruction in phoneme awareness is critical to helping students learn to read. Building vocabulary and background knowledge of text, as well as a content-rich curriculum, are key to supporting the development of language and reading comprehension skills. (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS), 2020)

Jeneth Solabo
Palatiw ES (Pasig City)

In this training, I learned different activities that I can use in teaching phonological awareness to my students.

Teresa Llarena
NAPICO ES (Pasig City)

I learned that I can use body gestures in teaching phonological awareness to keep the students active and engaged.

Arlene Revilla
San Joaquin ES (Pasig City)

I learned about the voiced and unvoiced phonemes. I also learned how to become an effective and efficient teacher.

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