“If a child memorizes ten words, the child can read only ten words, but if a child learns the sounds of ten letters, the child will be able to read 350 three-sound words, 4320 four-sound words and 21,650 five-sound words.” – Dr. Martin Kozloff

In the 2016 Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey, the Philippines scored the lowest in reading comprehension with a score of 340, below the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) average of 487.

BINHI Learning Program

In order to address the learning gap, BINHI developed its BINHI Learning Program, a 6-month after school program providing literacy intervention guided by proven teaching methodologies. What lies at the heart of BINHI is its teacher training, testing (Pre, Mid, and Post), regular class monitoring, periodic student progress assessment, and three (3) English Reading Kits created using the latest teaching methodologies and designed to be taught by both teachers and volunteers.

There are three types of learning levels:



(5-6 years old)

Designed to lay a solid foundation for children to become fluent readers. The program aims to develop alphabet knowledge, basic phonemic awareness skills, and listening comprehension through conversations, nursery rhymes, songs, and read aloud sessions.



Beginning Reading
(6-7 years old)

Designed to develop basic reading and writing skills. The program provides explicit and systematic instruction on how to decode and spell.



Independent Reading
(7-8 years old)

Designed to strengthen children’s reading and writing skills through explicit and systematic literacy instruction that incorporates engagement with longer texts and advanced language patterns and concepts.

All of BINHI English Reading Kits include the following: a teacher’s manual with a daily lesson plan for 6 months, flashcards, work sheets, activity sheets, and story books. The program is regularly monitored and the students are tested on their progress through pre, mid, and post-tests, and assessments.

Binhi Wheel
Binhi Wheel
Binhi Wheel

All BINHI Kits are held daily (Monday to Friday) for 1 hour and 30 minutes for 24 weeks, following the DepEd school calendar.