BINHI Spreads the Joy of Literacy and Community: Teacher Training, Christmas Party, and Generous Donations

BINHI English Literacy Foundation, Inc. (BINHI) is actively cultivating literacy and fostering a sense of community through a series of heartwarming initiatives. This December, the organization hosted several events that emphasized the importance of collaboration, generosity, and the shared goal of enriching children’s lives.

Binhi Teacher Training 2 and Christmas Party: Cultivating Literacy and Celebrating Togetherness

On December 2nd, BINHI held its second teacher training in Makati City. This session aimed to empower teachers by providing them with valuable tools and strategies. Ms. Izzah Mei Caballero guided teachers on maximizing the effectiveness of the Learning Kits, while Ms. Sherralyn Lorenzo shared her expertise in classroom management.

The day culminated in a festive Barbie-themed Christmas party hosted by Ms. Hannah Cariño of Creatives by Hany. This joyful celebration fostered camaraderie among teachers, reminding them of the shared mission in promoting literacy and the fulfillment they bring to children’s lives.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to our generous donors – Universal Robina Corporation, Adarna Group Foundation, Inc., and PLDT-Smart Foundation – who made this event possible. Their support nourishes the seeds of literacy we sow together.

Happy International Volunteer Day!

BINHI was thrilled to receive a generous donation from Cognizant through iVolunteer Philippines’ iVolunTree Campaign 2023. These educational toys, including alphabet blocks, puzzles, and writing boards, will unlock worlds of imagination, spark curiosity, and nurture a lifelong love for learning for countless children.

Shoebox Donation from Metrobank HRMG – BBS People Management Division

BINHI received a second round of generous donations this year through Metrobank HRMG – BBS People Management Division’s Shoebox Project. This initiative provided 190 packages filled with essential items, bringing joy and much-needed support to children.

These initiatives demonstrate the power of collaboration and generosity in making a positive impact. BINHI is committed to continuing its work, fueled by the support of its partners and the dedication of its teachers and volunteers.