Emelda C. Mateo
Program Manager

A graduate of BS Sociology and working with the NGO sector for 28 years, she has found her niche in BINHI. She realized that an organization with the objectives to serve children specially in Education is something to be proud of because now she came to realize that investing in reading for her kids when they were young was the right choice, and now she is doing the same thing for other kids.

Jane Cara F. Abrot, RSW
Program Coordinator (Internals)

Licensed Social Worker with over fourteen years of experience in working with Non-Governmental Organizations in various settings and with diverse beneficiaries/clientele in a Residential/ Center and Community based and Medical setting.

“It has always been a professional and personal fulfillment to see changed lives in whatever aspect. With BINHI, directly working with the schools and community, I get to see firsthand the individual progress of our scholars – from being timid, non-responsive, and unable to read to being socially active, participative, and becoming readers.”

Izzah Mei C. Caballero
Trainor/Program Coordinator

Armed with a passion for making things better and a background in literacy education, she joined Binhi English Literacy Foundation Inc to provide effective English literacy programs to struggling readers. She hopes that through the efforts of the BINHI team and its multiple community partners, all Filipino children will become independent readers and discover the joy of reading.

But learning and witnessing the challenge firsthand made her strive to make every Filipino child in school and learning well.

Ma. Giselle V. Fernandez
Program Coordinator (Externals)

After joining several volunteer organizations and NGOs geared towards serving the marginalized sector, she joined BINHI in the year 2021 with the belief that providing quality education, especially during a child’s formative years, is crucial in nation-building.

With more than a year in the organization, it is truly fulfilling to witness that apart from additional knowledge imparted to each child, you can sense their confidence building up as they progress with their BINHI lessons.